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About Darren



Darren Weatherall’s expertise, easy to apply methods and friendly approach to coaching have seen him quickly become one of Australia's most in demand coaches. His teaching methods has proven results in the achievements of a variety of golfers, from beginners all the way to his touring professionals. Darren is well educated and is one of Australia’s finest coaches. He has great communication skills and understands the many facets of golf coaching with a natural ability to bring out the best in his students. Due to his undeniable passion for coaching, he was listed as a finalist for the QLD PGA Teaching Professional of the year 2015 & 2017. Darren has also written multiple articles for Autralia's #1 Golf Publication 'Inside Golf' is a lecturer and mentor for the PGA Trainees.

History & Education

Darren achieved significant success in academic and playing standards with multiple wins and ranked #2 in Australia during his traineeship, this was followed by 2 wins during his time as a touring professional. He then found his true calling in coaching and quickly became the Director of Instruction at Parkwood International. His knowledge and methods have been fortified by working with experts in sports performance, including: Renowned Tour Coach Ian Triggs, Sports Psychologist Dr. Noel Blundell, Physiotherapist and lecturer at Griffith University Dr. Kerrie Evans.  Darren is passionate about additional research which saw him visit the Jim McLean Academy in the United States and currently is working closely with universities in the area of sport science and skill acquisition. Darren aspires to always seek expert knowledge in a multitude of fields to ensure his coaching is the best and fastest way to improvement.



"I believe coaching is about knowing the game in its entirety in order to teach with complete simplicity.  It is all about having a clear plan for improvement. The individuals I have in front of me are very important to me. They have taken the time, effort and money to improve their skills and this is the type of clientele who give me a rush when I work with them. I use the latest technology including Trackman, GASP, Force Plates but ensure the information is portrayed in a simple and easy to understand approach.  I love waking up each day to work with my students - educating and inspiring them in a fun environment to help them achieve their goals. I need to clearly know the students wishes and plans in order to assist them in achieving the fastest technical, physiological, or psychological results."

Student Success

"I have been coached by Darren for just under two years now. His incredibly high standard of coaching has improved every aspect of my golf game. His attention to detail and precise advice has proved to be a game changer for me. His coaching extends beyond the swing. My overall vision and approach to the game has improved under his guidance. Darren provides accurate, technical advice balanced by a thorough understanding and vision of the game. Each training session offers something new, challenging and fun.The consistency and accuracy that I have gained from his coaching has significantly improved my enjoyment of the game."  Dr. Gary Grant


“I’ve had the privilege of working with Darren through the PGA International Golf Institute. Not only are his teaching methods innovative and easy to understand, but he genuinely cares about your improvements and incorporates the personal touch of compassion and intellect within his sessions. Instead of the usual quick fixes which most other coaches provide, his enjoyable sessions ensure long term benefits and results. Thank you Darren, for being such a wonderful coach!” Jacqueline Walter


'I would like to thank you for all your help in the last couple of months with my golf swing. I have lowered my handicap by 5 strokes since working with you and my game and enjoyment of this wonderful and difficult game has risen to new heights! I have had a number of “swing coaches” in the past but none have achieved such a good results so quickly. I put this down to the clear, kind & understanding way in which you explain swing instruction. I know that with your help I will continue to improve in this great game of golf, I look forward to a long and happy coaching relationship with you and I will recommend you to all who are serious about improving their golf game.' - Andrew Curtis

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